Sunday, 14 March 2010

One want....One got!

First i'll start with a product that I got yesterday after seeing Milly @ (go subscribe if you havnt, Milly does great fotd!) using it. The product is BarryM 100 lipstick. Now if I had just gone in to the shop and seen it I wouldnt have even swatched it as it looks quite scary, very brightish pink. Anyway I swatched it on my hand yesterday and thought that it didnt look as subtle as it had done on Milly. So I carried on with my shopping in town and saw the colour in the light and after id smudged it in a bit, decided I had to have the colour. I wore it out last night and again today with macs honey salve and it is the perfect baby pink. It looks gorge and id say even though when I first applied it, it did appear very nude, after a few minutes, when its had a chance to mix with the salve it actually isnt. I lurrrrrrrrrve it, thanks Milly!

On a different subject, I really really want an iphone. My dad has one now and so does my aunty, and then saw my friends at dancing last week and she had one too. Id like it in the white as everyone has the black. I currently have the blackberry curve which I do love but it looks so dated especially the screen. I want to be able to watch youtube etc on my phone. However iphones on orange are so expensive as are the tariffs. I have been with Orange for ages and happy with them so do not want to swap to the other two networks currently selling iphones. My dad has his on a business contract and pays less than £10, yes £10 for all inclusive mins, texts and data. Ive been begging him to add me on but so far its a NO! So id like some feedback, on what contract you are on and who with as not sure what to do and also how you like or dislike the iphone?? x

Saturday, 6 March 2010

My VILE Skin

Yes, exactly what the title says. I am so fed up with the state of my skin at the moment i feel like given myself a chemical peel! Ive been told I have good skin but clearly these people are blind. At the moment im having constant break outs on my cheeks, no idea why and also have extremely patchy skin, so it doesnt matter what I use to cover my face, you can guarantee within a few hours if you look at it closely in a mirror who will see all the dry patches and all my makeup has turned cakey. I cover my blemishes with concealer and then when I put my mineral foundation and bronzer on it just sticks to wherever ive put concealer, only highlighting the blemishes. I moisturise my face everyday and have tried various different moisturisers. Im almost crying writing this, I love wearing make up and now all its doing is excentuating (not sure how to spell that) my flaws. Whats the point in doing my eyes and lips nice if my skin looks like absolute ****! Someone please advise me? I am going to go to the doctors and they will have to give me something for it.

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Update on Mineralize Skinfinish

So I settled for Medium Dark in the mineralize skinfinish natural in the end. Today however I am not loving this product, i looked in the mirror at lunch and my face looks really cakey with pink undertones, absolutely yuk. Im not a happy bunny as I have spent £18 on this product. I will have to put it in a blog sale me thinks. Unfortunately I do not have paypal so unsure how I would work this.

If anyone does fancy this product, swiped a couple of times, only bought on Saturday :(