Monday, 20 April 2009

My Weekend Purchases

So, I havent had a big shop with regards to clothes for at least 3 weeks as I went skiing and had to pay for it!! So my wages went in on Wednesday and its been burning a hole in my pocket ever since. So here is what I got, sorry but I need to find my digi camera lead so ive had to get the pics from websites..soorrreee
So I bought this top from River Island which I wore yesterday with leggings, a pair of dark brown flat knee high boots and a grey cardigan. It was £20, which was pretty good considering the price of Topshop tops these days, see below.
So this is one of the tops I bought from Topshop, if you know me then this is pretty much the type of type I live in, in the summer, white, loose and summery. Team it with a pair of skinny jeans and some gorgeous strapy sandles and you cant go wrong. I like this top because even though its loose at the front, at the back its quite fitted and with buttons all the down the back.

This top was £25 which is slightly too much for what it is, but I needed it!

This top/dress I just love. I will be wearing it with leggings and my £20 rusty colour boots from Deutchman Shoes (BARGAIN!). Its a coral colour and the shorter part covers the bum and then the other side is slightly longer. Again this is from Topshop and was £28, im sure Topshop prices never use to be quite as dear. As well as all the above I got a pair of black trousers for work and pair of black skinny jeans.

Ive only recently started getting addicted to all the beauty/fashion blogs. I know mine says Little_Miss_Make-Up however I will be posting up a few clothing buys. I always wonder how all of you girlies can afford such expensive make-up, so I thought id tell you what I do for a living so at least people will realise that we do actually work for what we buy! I am a legal secretary but am hoping to pursue a career in events in the not so distance future.

Hope you like my first post, please let me know! xoxo