Saturday, 6 March 2010

My VILE Skin

Yes, exactly what the title says. I am so fed up with the state of my skin at the moment i feel like given myself a chemical peel! Ive been told I have good skin but clearly these people are blind. At the moment im having constant break outs on my cheeks, no idea why and also have extremely patchy skin, so it doesnt matter what I use to cover my face, you can guarantee within a few hours if you look at it closely in a mirror who will see all the dry patches and all my makeup has turned cakey. I cover my blemishes with concealer and then when I put my mineral foundation and bronzer on it just sticks to wherever ive put concealer, only highlighting the blemishes. I moisturise my face everyday and have tried various different moisturisers. Im almost crying writing this, I love wearing make up and now all its doing is excentuating (not sure how to spell that) my flaws. Whats the point in doing my eyes and lips nice if my skin looks like absolute ****! Someone please advise me? I am going to go to the doctors and they will have to give me something for it.


  1. Hey hun! I read your comment :)

    Pink swoon is definitely more pigmented than Well Dressed. Honestly I hardly ever reach well dressed blush. Since I am more on the tan side I feel like well dressed shows up a little ashy since it a very light blue pink.

  2. @missjohanat thanks hun for subscribing. I have well dressed but cuz I like my face to be tanned it doesnt show up, it just blends in and doesnt look any different. Im trying to limit how many blushes i use on my face as it was making my skin ever so dry and think thats what has been breaking me out as well. Is pink swoon a very light shade like well dressed is, in the pan? Mac use to do a shade called Angel which was gorgeous by the looks of things but they no longer sell it :( Thanks for the help x

  3. My skin is vile too... well, at least most of the time is...

    I am now following you, pretty blog!

  4. Hello! This post made me so sad, and I totally identify with you. I have oily skin overall, but it's dehydrated in places, pores are huge on my T zone, I get pimples on my cheeks and my skin is so sensitive that whenever I touch it, it goes red. Needless to say, I'm SO fed up!
    Now I'm using Avene products and they've helped a bit. After I'll be getting a peel to get rid of scars, so at least I've got that to look forward to.
    Another thing I notice has helped my skin is eating healthier. You are what you eat, they say, and I believe that. It is hard for me to control myself, that's the only problem!
    Hang in there, darling. Your skin'll improve :)