Monday, 22 February 2010

MAC Select Cover-Up Concealer

Hi girlies,

Long time no post! Im currently on the hunt for a good concealer. Back in the day I use to use the Stila one which came in a little tube. Unfortunately Stila no longer sell their products in the UK and I cant be faffed with trying to find somewhere online that sells it. Anyway ive tried quire a few concealers since, inc Boing by Benefit, Studio Finish by Mac, and a couple of others, the names of which fail me at the moment! None of these are up to scratch, all either too light, too dark, to pinky or too drying! I was chatting with "MAC!!..luz**" and she suggested I try the Select Cover-Up. I would say im about an nc25, the nc30 is the perfect colour tone wise, it having golden/yellow undertones however its just a tad bit too dark. Im very pale but pretty much always fake tan. Anyways, guess what...they dont do the select cover in nc25, the next one down is nc23 and if you look on the online swatch it looks pinky. I appreciate the swatches are never accurate but im still a little wary as its not cheap concealer. If anyone has a swatch of the nc23 that would be great! If not perhaps someone could advise what the colour nc23 actually looks like.

Thanks xx

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