Sunday, 4 April 2010

Simple Replenishing Rich Moisturiser....the cause?

Happy Easter!

This is going to be a rushed post as I just wrote it and the stupid computer deleted it.

I have had breakouts on cheeks for the past few months, painful and ugly looking. I have tried cutting out certain brands of blushers but still to no avail.

I now think it could be my moisturiser as I use to use Clinique Dramatically Different Gel but wanted to get something cheaper. Started of with a Johnsons Cream and now been using Simple Replenishing Rich Moisturiser, again a creamy cream. Im almost convinced this is whats causing my spots as it could be clogging my pores.

I spoke to girl at Clinique who said the gel is oil free and most moisturiser contain oil and so she gave me a sample to see. Ive only started using it today so will need to give it some time.

On makeupalley there are quite a few comments about the Simple cream breaking them out however when searching on google not alot of reports on moisturiser causing spots.

Id be very grateful for some feedback on this and whether you have found that moisturisers have broken you out? x


  1. Yes, sure... I am having the same problem with Clinique Superdefense moisturizer for Combination skin.. Even though I love the texture, it is clogging my pores pretty badly...
    I suggest you gp for something lighter, from the chemist's, until your skin restores the balance, Maybe some Avene or La Roche Posay. I do not think the gel version of Dramatically Different should be a bad option.

  2. @Catanya

    I know which Clinique cream you are talking about, that again is a thick cream, my mum has that and she has very dry skin but only uses it when her skins at her worse.

    Im hoping that its just my skin not being used to cream and its blocking my pores and nothing worse.

    I will report back in a few weeks x

  3. I've tried DDML and Moisture Surge, but they haven't broken me out, thankfully.
    But like Catanya says, I'd check out La Roche Posay or Avene, which are cheaper and give very good results. You have to be patient, which sucks, since of course all of us want inmediate results, but the wait may be worth it :)

  4. Ι think that Avene product will be suitable for you.It isn't very expensive also.Have patience.This is your best friend at this.
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  5. @FashionFreak My skin (touch wood) seems to be alot better since I stopped using an old Stila Perfecting Concealer. The moisturiser change worked for like one day but then I thought to myself well im only breaking out on my cheeks which is where I was using concealer. I have also dried out all my skin as I have been using lotion I got from the doctor that I still get to use on the odd pimple. Because I was at my whits end I was just lathering it on to get rid of the breakout not thinking that it would dry my skin out. Im now only applying it on the spot and not the whole of hte cheek area. Hopefully my skins dryness will get better too! x

  6. Moisturise broke me out about last week- i got a few spots here and there because I think I had been applying too much and it was too thick for my skin (i have sensitive skin) good luck! xx

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  8. ahh that was like me! nutragina oil free moisturiser is really good xx