Monday, 22 June 2009

Im useless...& buys..

Im so sorry for the lack of posts on this blog, im so lazy! i work full time and attend dance classes in the evenings sometimes so its nice on my free nights to just lay on my bed and watch tv. Anyway ive bought loads since I last posted however im not going to put everything ive bought all in this post as it could take till Xmas for me to do that.

So the first thing I bought were these shoes. I saw them a while ago but a) refrained as was low on cash and b) i had tights on so were difficult to try on properly however im glad I didnt get them as they are now in the sale!I will wear these with skinny black jeans and possibly leggings. I heart these!

Following on from my last post to do with mascara ive actually stopped using the maybelline one and have now moved to the Max Factor False Lashes one. I really like this, it make my lashes look more natural and less spidery. I will definately be repurchasing this. Im still using the Clinque mascara as I did before.

Im off to Ibiza a week tomorrow with my friend and bought a few pairs of the cheap cotton shorts from Topshop. These are great because I wont wear shorts in England so I dont really want to be spending a fortune. I got a pair in white and a bright pink pair. Im thinking I might cut some old jeans up so I have a pair of denim shorts to take too.

I also bought this top from River Island. I already have it in white but its handwash and because I wear fake tan it rubs off onto white something chronic and its such a pain having to wash it all out. So after seeing the grey version of this top on Dollymix184's blog I decided to get this one too!
What a mission was that trying to post pictures. I really cant seem to get the hang of this blog lark.

So there are a few of my clothing purchases. As for make-up I recently got the Laura Mercier Mineral Powder which I love. I got it in natural beige. I use to use Bare Minerals but found it could make my skin look a bit dry and did give a bit of the classic "foundation look" which I dont like. The LM one is a lot lighter in formation and is a much lesser (is that a word??) coverage.

Im also loving Laguna Bronzer with a bit of MAC cream colour base in pearl to highlight the cheek bones.

At the weekend I went to Bath as my sister is currently studying near there. I bought a few things from MAC even though I shouldnt have really as I need to pay for my holiday, nevermind. I got Hue and Creme d'Nude after much debating between the latter and Myth. I felt my lips are very dry and Myth just accentuated this. I also got 2 eyeshadows in Yoghurt and Naked Lunch. I always wear pink eyeshadow, always very subtle shades though as I only like this colour on my eyes (they are blue). I wear it with silver eyeliner on the upper and lower lashline and it really makes my eyes standout and because ive been wearing this look for so long without the silver eyeliner I just dont recognise myself. Try this look out and you will see what I mean. Im yet to try the Naked Lunch colour, it has a peachy tint to it and its a very neutral shade so hopefully it will look ok. Ive seen KandeeJohnson use it alot so might try one of her looks out.

Hopefully this post makes up for my lack of effort over the past month. I will post again once im back off my hols. Quite a few of the bloggers seem to be off on their holidays too, so hope everyone has a good time.

Bye xx


  1. Hi hun, I just saw your comment on Ellas post, just wanted to give you a tip for the brassy colour you said you get with your hair. L'oreal professional silver shampoo is amazing to perk up your hair colour again. I used to use it all the time when I was bleached blonde, works wonders. There's also a Matrix purple shampoo that is apparently (recommended by my hairdresser) just about the same, maybe a little stronger and you get a lot more product for the price.

  2. @PeachyKeenCheeks

    Thank you for that advice, I will look into that L'oreal product. I had heard about using silver or purple shampoo but not really looked into it further. x